Spring Break Impressions

Spring Break was my chance to explore the area around me a little bit more. Over the week I visited the Getty Center (with van Gogh's Irises), The Huntington Gardens (where they have a Gutenberg Bible), Malibu and the Getty Villa...


Frohe Ostern with the Belknaps

Dyeing Easter Eggs at Noel's mum's house in Passadena, having huge feasts and flying kites with Noel's dad and sister in San Pedro in the afternoon. The good times!


Before Spring Break

Pictures of some hiking trips and today's Imagemaking class. We did collages and mixed media. Now it'S Spring Break! One week off...


The Fashion Show

Besides the Halloween Party the anual Fashion Show is one of the biggest Party Event at CalArts. This year's motto: »The Seven Deadly Sins«. Over one and a half hours catwalk, dance performances...


Imagemaking in Spring

Today in Imagemaking: we worked with printmaking techniques, block-printing, linoleum cuts, spray paint stencils, solvent transfers and monotypes.
Last two pictures show some beautiful trees being in flower around campus... It's getting spring (although we never had real winter around here =)!