Christmas Cookies with Gail

Since Ally, Jessie and Steven left for London and Las Vegas I'll switch my blog into English.

On Wednesday Gretchen, Buffy and me have been invited to our professor Gail's house to make Christmas Cookies. After five hours we had an international range: Mexican Wedding Cakes, Norwegian Traditionals, German »drei Augen« (with jam inbetween) and American
Chocolate Chip Cookies (glutenfree!)...


End of Semester Impressions

Letztes Frühstück in der Cafeteria, Winter Dance Concert, Abschiedsparty von Jessie und Ally, Abschlusspräsentation meiner Graphic Design Klasse:

Winter Break

Das erste Semester@CalArts ist vorbei.
Fotos von der Abschlusspräsentation meiner Imagemaking Klasse:



Poster aus meiner Graphic Design Klasse zum Thema Love&Heartbreak:


Happy Turkey II

Thanksgiving Day Two:
lunch at Christina's house in Beverly Hills
dinner at Layla's parents' house in Long Beach

Happy Turkey I

Thanksgiving Day One:
breakfast at pool, dinner at friends