The Character Animators

On Thursday there was 2008's second Art Opening at CalArts: This time the Character Animators set up the whole Main Gallery with artwork. Awesome and impressive, my pictures can just give a tiny little impression... The first three images show drawings by Noel and Min Cheol.

In addition to great music and live performances you could sit down and let the Character Animators draw yourself. I was patient and got 8 character drawings of myself. Great event, for me the best Art Opening I've been to so far!


Monterey's BACK!

It happend on New Years Eve.
On our way back from San Francisco my car's (since our trip called »Monterey«) engine started knocking. Really loud. Scary... Well, it turned out that the two girls run it with no oil. It didn't tell us that it needed anything! Our attemps saving it were not too successful. At least we made it back to Valencia.

Today, after lots of adventures, I
finally got it back from the mechanic. New engine, new water pump, new thermostate, new heater hoses and new radiator hoses. Shit happens. Never ever would I have expected freeway traffic jam to feel great. Today it did. YAY! My car is back!
AND: I finally found a subject for my Love&Heartbreak Poster...
Conclusion: Cars need oil! Never forget.


Susanne 24!!

January 11th 2008 was a wonderful sunshiny day, about 24°C. Probably the first birthday I could celebrate in skirt and shirt without freezing!
Noel made me a Yellow Cake with bananas, jam, raspberries + chocolate frosting and we were having another 4th floor dinner...


Winter Break III: San Francisco

The first two days in San Francisco we spend exploring Chinatown with its colorful shops, the Cable Car system, the streets of SF, Castro district, the local cafe scene and the Endup, the city's oldest club and the only one open after 2am.
Day 3 was full of sunshine and we biked the Golden Gate Bridge...


Winter Break II: The Coast

On our way we passed Cambria, sea elephants, Hearst Castle, the most winding road ever, ocean sunsets, Carmel, surfers and had »chowder in a bud« in Monterey...


Winter Break I: Santa Barbara

Joanna and me spend the last week driving along the coast to San Francisco.
Our first stop: Santa Barbara...